Facebook Customer Service

Introduction of Facebook:

Facebook doesn’t need any introduction. Facebook is a popular social network where family and friends connect easily with each other and where you can use it to market your website and business. Browsing through these tips will help you learn how Facebook marketing could do this properly. Always reply to people when they write something on your page. Monitor your page for questions, comments, or messages concerning your company. Read More at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook


Founded:                                               04 Feb 2004 · Cambridge, MA

Headquarters:                                      Menlo Park, CA

CEO:                                                       Mark Zuckerberg (Since 2004)

Subsidiaries:                                         Instagram · Oculus VR · Friend Feed · Wave Group Sound · Gowalla · the Find, Inc. · Private Core · Connect · the · Para key · Drop.io · Face.com · Atlas Solutions · Parse · Jibbigo

Advantages of Facebook:

  • Better Socializing – Facebook is changing the way we think & feel
  • Chatting: A better Internet communication
  • Find & invite your friends
  • Best for business promotions
  • Entertainment unlimited
  • Not have to pay money
  • A platform to share feelings, life events
  • Pages, groups, news-feed

Disadvantages of Facebook:

  • “Facebook Addiction” A new disorder
  • The fight continues against fake profiles & phishing bots
  • Scams are spreading like fire
  • Can’t keep things personal
  • Effect on academic’s activity
  • Data privacy issues

User Asked Common Issues About Facebook:

  • I can’t log in
  • I didn’t receive the code to confirm my mobile phone number
  • I can’t upload photos
  • Something’s not working with the Facebook for iOS app
  • I’m having trouble with the Facebook for Android app
  • I want to set up Facebook texts, but my country or mobile carrier isn’t listed as an option
  • I didn’t receive a confirmation code to finish setting up Facebook texts
  • I set up Facebook texts but I’m not getting any text messages from Facebook
  • I’m sending text messages (SMS) to post things on Facebook but it’s not working
  • I can’t create an account with my mobile phone number
  • I did not receive the code to confirm my mobile phone number
  • Not getting my Facebook signup confirmation email
  • Unable to add a file to my message on Facebook
  • I can’t send messages to friends on Facebook
  • I received a message telling me that I am approaching a limit for sending messages on Facebook
  • I can’t add a video
  • Something’s not working with the Facebook for iOS app
  • Unable to cancel a game or app subscription
  • I can’t add or pay with a new credit card
  • Payment Method Is Missing
  • Forgot Facebook Password
  • How do I create a Page?
  • Notifications aren’t working
  • Why are my Facebook Pages posts not showing up properly?
  • How to Add Friends on Facebook?
  • How (and Why) to Disable Algorithmic Feeds on Facebook?

Pros of Facebook:

  • Unlimited Connectivity
  • Quality communication
  • Global Village of Information
  • Follow influential personalities
  • Track your favorite companies
  • Facebook Live

Cons of Facebook:

  • Privacy Leaks
  • Time consuming
  • Freedom of expression
  • Adds are annoying