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Connect Linkedin Customer Service To Get Linkedin Introduction

LinkedIn account got Restricted? The LinkedIn platform is a professional portal gives huge success when it comes to professional connection. It is one of the main assets to bring in maximum online presence. All businesses and professionals are already members of this vast community. And this social networking platform clings us connected through the world. But have you ever thought, what shall happen if your account gets suspended or restricted?. For Sign Up Account to visit Linkedin Officially site http://www.linkedin.com/

We have a typically ignore the terms and conditions while creating an account on an online portal. And this routine is turning against us these days. There have been many such cases in LinkedIn recently, wherein users are complaining that they have been blocked from using their account and received a message from LinkedIn stating that the account is restricted or suspended. So, what should you do in such situations? But before understanding that part, it is important for you to understand why your account got conceded.

Reasons for Blocked/Restricted LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, and it is obvious that you might get carried away by seeing so many capable leads. Considering the huge business potential, marketers normally overstep by heretical the user agreement. This is when the account gets restricted or blocked for a temporary basis or at times permanently. Here are few of the reasons that might have caused suspension of your account.

Profile by Entity Name:

People at times create their profile with the name of an institute, company or business. It’s in contradiction to the terms and conditions of the LinkedIn portal. If you are using the platform for your company usage, then it is better to create an entity or company page. You can directly ask your customers to follow that page as an alternative of individually making a profile consuming entity name.

Lots of Pending Requests

If you have sent many connection requests, then you should think of withdrawing them. It does not go with the policy to have too many pending connection requests. Having so can lead the account to be blocked, and you suspended from using the platform again.

Multiple Profiles from the Same Device

LinkedIn has policies that clearly state that you cannot create more than 2-3 profiles from a single device. So, if you are planning to create more profiles, and then be ready to get them all blocked. However, you can still access any number of profiles from a single laptop.

Messages with Repetitive Content

Repetitive content may look like spam messages, especially when you send them to your first-degree connections. Therefore, avoid doing such things for letting your account thrive for a longer duration.

Exceeding Number of Connection Requests in a day:

The number of connection requests sent in a day and the number of messages should not exceed the given limit. Therefore, it is always safer to keep your count between 100-150 requests/messages in a day.

Recover LinkedIn Restricted or Suspended account:

Step1. Enter your First name

Step2. Enter your Last name

Step3. Enter your email address which is associated with your account

Step4. URL to the hacked LinkedIn profile

Step4. Please provide any additional details that will help LinkedIn to investigate. For example – Are you locked out of your account? Are you noticing changes to your profile or connections list that you did not make? Give each and every detail to LinkedIn that helps to prove this is done by mistake and you are not going to repeat it further.

Linkedin Help for Restricted Account through LinkedIn Customer Care

If your account has been suspended or blocked, try to your network and them about it. They might be able to help you from their front. Though, there are a few Way to LinkedIn technical support Help by LinkedIn support service phone number.

Contact LinkedIn Customer Service Team

Follow the Instructions on Your Account with the tech team of LinkedIn

If you think that restriction or suspension of the account was by mistake, then log into your account and follow the instructions mentioned on the onscreen message. You can also reply to the email/message sent to you regarding the content removal or blocking or your account.

Linkedin Customer Service Help To Resolve Linkedin Common Issue:

  • Using LinkedIn – the Basics
  • Password Reset
  • No Access to Email Address
  • Merging or Closing Duplicate Accounts on LinkedIn
  • Off-LinkedIn Visibility
  • Change or add email address

LinkedIn Help Online Restricted Account

The customer support team is the only one who can retrieve your account and let you gain access to it once again. Contact LinkedIn support for help. There are different ways of how you can contact the support team. Calling on their customer care number and Twitter is among the fastest few. You can expect a quick response from the support team on these communications methods. However, you can also try their email ID and the forum for extra guidance.

Directly Ask for Help Via LinkedIn Support

Appeal to your network, and ask them for help. They might raise the query on your behalf and show support to your account. This will make your case stronger and help you gain access to your account faster.

Read the Conditions

Read the user agreement and conditions for understanding the reason for account suspension. Apologize while communicating with the support team and make them believe that you won’t repeat the mistake again. Get Help from the best tech team of LinkedIn to get back your professional account to continue to rule over the internet.


How to Contact Linkedin Customer Service for Online Support

You can call us on our Linkedin customer service number. Dial at official Linkedin phone number goes to waiting or hold a long time. OSS have a team of experties that resolve all your issues related to Linkedin. Directly contact them by calling or mail. Get other Extra information or help to visit on next page like Pinterest Customer Service click on

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