Facebook Messenger Customer Service

Introduction of Facebook:

Facebook has been intended to keep a constant connection with your friends from around the world. Through one button you can share your thoughts, status, your pictures on the Facebook account, debates on different topics or with similar interests, following each other, keeping up with global news, making your business more popular and doing business through Facebook app. People have speckled reasons for having a Facebook account. You can also do a modification to your language to produce on Facebook, it trails the websites you have visited even after you have log out. Facebook bids a variety of privacy options to its members too. For private conversations, Facebook eases Facebook Messenger for its users.

How to create a Facebook Account

There are a few simple steps to generate your own Facebook account. Visit www.facebook.com. Sign up for Facebook with your Name, Number or use email id to create an account. Fill in the form displayed your date of birth and your gender and click on Sign Up. By clicking on sign-up, you will receive an email or mobile confirmation text to confirm your account.

Always make your password strong

It is really important to generate a strong password for your Facebook profile. That is stress-free for you to remember but hard for others to hack. The password should be at least 6 characters long, should have upper and lower case letters with a combination of numbers and punctuation marks.

Creating Multiple Accounts

It is not righteously to have multiple accounts on Facebook. Separately you can have Facebook commercial Page for the business, organization, brand or product.

How to create a Facebook Page for Business

Really simple to create a Facebook Page for your business or organization by following this, go to www.facebook.com/pages/create. Choose a category from anyone from the 6 specified categories to create your page. Choice any one of the more exact categories stated and then fill in the required information tick on to get ongoing and follow the instructions.

Facebook App for your Favourite Device

Download the Facebook App from any of your devices be it windows app on Microsoft store. The Facebook desktop is an unrestricted version. The simple way download the app and start using if you have an account. Else you can create your profile, a Facebook login name, and password. Facebook Messenger for the computer is also for free and can be moved from the same

Facebook Mobile

Get Facebook on Mobile phone be it Android, iPhone, windows phone, or any other mobile phone that you are using for free. Just go on to your Google play store on the phone type on Facebook and download it for free and start using. Likewise, you can have Facebook Messenger obtainable as well on Google play that can be downloaded for free.

Facebook Customer Service Help for Password Forgotten

In case you are having issues while sign-in or forgotten the password for your Facebook profile, there is unconditionally no need to fright. Go to the Facebook Login page, tick on forgotten account on the correct hand corner. It will inquire you to catch your account through Username, Email, Phone or Full name. Even-handed type in the detail asked and click on search. Next page will offer you a choice to reset your Facebook Password through Email, a text on your phone or through your Google Account.

User Asked Common Issues About Facebook:

  • I can’t log in
  • I didn’t receive the code to confirm my mobile phone number
  • I can’t upload photos
  • Something’s not working with the Facebook for iOS app
  • I’m having trouble with the Facebook for Android app
  • I want to set up Facebook texts, but my country or mobile carrier isn’t listed as an option
  • I didn’t receive a confirmation code to finish setting up Facebook texts
  • I set up Facebook texts but I’m not getting any text messages from Facebook
  • I’m sending text messages (SMS) to post things on Facebook but it’s not working
  • I can’t create an account with my mobile phone number
  • I did not receive the code to confirm my mobile phone number
  • Not getting my Facebook signup confirmation email
  • Unable to add a file to my message on Facebook
  • I can’t send messages to friends on Facebook
  • I received a message telling me that I am approaching a limit for sending messages on Facebook
  • I can’t add a video
  • Something’s not working with the Facebook for iOS app
  • Unable to cancel a game or app subscription
  • I can’t add or pay with a new credit card
  • Payment Method Is Missing
  • Forgot Facebook Password
  • How do I create a Page?
  • Notifications aren’t working
  • Why are my Facebook Pages posts not showing up properly?
  • How to Add Friends on Facebook?
  • How (and Why) to Disable Algorithmic Feeds on Facebook?

How to Deactivate or Delete a Facebook Account

Facebook provides an option to deactivate your account. It can be temporary or permanent; you can choose that according to your choice. When you want some peace, want to be away from Facebook for time being, and just take up from where you left.

In case you want to permanently delete your account, login into your Facebook profile, first save any data that you need to like pictures or details of friends. Must Clear all the personal information, go to Facebook Help Centre, then to Facebook account deletion form, or search for delete account select the link and start the process. There is a period of 14 days, and after that, your account will be removed.

Have some other issues with Facebook ID then join Facebook customer service number for a password, how to change a phone number etc. Call us at our Facebook Contact phone number and get full support our FB team.

When to contact Facebook Contact team

When you have security issues

Unable to resolve the blocked account issues

Facebook account not available issues

Facebook Blocked your account, want help from the tech team

Want to upload the Verification ID to Facebook

Not able to upload verification ID to Facebook

Above are the conditions where you will require help from the contact team of Facebook.

Why Connect with Facebook Team for help

Whenever you are facing any issues, can’t able to resolve the Facebook issues with ourselves, Reach the tech Team for Resolution.


When you no longer want to use the app and want to delete it. Most of the time it is due to lower memory level that navies you to remove an app. If you think to uninstall your Facebook if it has just worn out its welcome, it must be Uninstalling which is really simple.

  • First open the Google Android Menu
  • In the settings
  • Select applications
  • You need to click on manage
  • A List of an installed app will seem on your phone
  • Select Facebook from the options listed
  • Choose the uninstall button

To talk over the steps in particulars give a call to Facebook tech support at their toll-free helpline number. It is open to customers 24X7 for 365 days.

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