Wireless WiFi Router Device

Wireless Broadband is a necessary part of every office, home, and small business. Standard wireless Gateway/router would be perfect product now.

Many routers have offered good features, configuration, and security. While using router user face some problem. Here we describer some issue with a solution.

Difficult Configuration with Wifi Router Device –

How many long-time take-ups do you set up your router?

Last time, when you get it right on the first try?

How you getting Printer connects to the network

Various vendors have tried to make simpler with easy setup or one-click connection buttons, but they can’t cover every problem.

All router has a web-based configuration screen so that you remember Device IP, Address, Username, and password.

  1. Enabling file sharing from your Wifi Router

People think why to spend more money on a separate Network Attachment Storage unit.  You can also use a router for sharing files. Many routers have USB Port connect to External USB for Back up and sharing files.

  1. Enabling temporary wireless access

You Friend or neighbor, do you want to have permanent access to your network. You trust them, Do you know how good their own security is?




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