The printer is a hardware device which makes a persistent representation of graphics or text on paper. Two types of the printer in the market nowadays.

Impact and Non-Impact Printer Device

The printer has come a long way since 1970. Back day, each printer was connected to a device and process a single print at a time. Today Printer has a multi-function device. Upcoming 21st century perform dozen of task including, but not limited to, printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing.

If your printer Stopped printing, what do you at this situation. Check your printer, Fix and Repair them easy steps.

1) Printing Device checks Power-on, light is lighted. All cables are plugged into the device and that there are no error indicator lighted.

2) Quick check paper tray and the hopper are in order as well.

3) You can print on a different printer as a test when printing on the other printer. Your printer has the problem in hardware and software Component.

Wireless Printer loss their connection to the network. Verified by going to the printer and select from the printer menus a print out the network configuration. Try a different machine to print a test page.

3D is More Compact affordable and simple to use compared to others. This corporation has a variety of models name- ZPrinter 650, Spectrum Z510, ZPrinter 450 and ZPrinter 310 Plus.