Mail Issue Fix and Resolve – OSS

Email becomes the most important need of a computer user. With the help email, we can send or receive lots of information, Message, video, pictures, and documents.

Email Server– An internet post office is a computer called a server that is most dedicated to sending, receiving and routing email. The receiving side is a POP3 server and sending side is A SMTP server.

Email is created on our Computer mail box. Composed mail sends to email server post office at your internet service provider. The mail server checked the mail received to assure that it was from you and route it to the destination post office server.

For sending or receiving mail, user faced some common issue

Incorrect login details
Lack of Security – Security should be the top of your priority list. the email is now made more secure for clients and customers. The email you are getting in an encrypted format
Spam and Virus Mail
Insufficient storage space – Yahoo, Gmail, and other mail are limited storage space. As you grow you might need bigger storage space for your mail.
Email login issue
New account Creation Issue
Sign up in the mail
Forgot password in your Mail
Spam mail
Unable to attach a document
Unable to create a Signature