All Brand Laptop Issue Resolve

Buy a Laptop with good features and configuration, size doesn’t Matter. When you are purchasing a laptop, Keep in mind some points.

The size of the screen – If you are buying a laptop or desktop for the purpose to edit photos, create a video, watch a movie and play games. Consider to Important the number of USB port, accessories, and device connected to the laptop. A printer, tablet, mouse, and USB storage drive connect to these ports.

It is time to consider what you would like to see like Microsoft office, Operating system, internet browser, and iTunes. Laptop with window 7 as an operating system, Vista with 4 GB RAM, Dual Core Processor and Hard drive 250 to 500 GB are commonly found in the laptop.

Nows day User faces Some Common problem in laptop and Desktop like- Liquid Spills, cooling, power and LCD display screen.

Liquid Spills on Laptop– Its most important to respond to cleaning up the process as soon as possible, before corrosion or internal soakage occur. Liquid intrusion can cause many part damage in laptop.

Liquid Spills Solution– Turn off the laptop immediately when spills occur. Leave the laptop for at least 25 minutes. Remove any attachment leads, Remove power unit and battery







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