How To Create Or Sign Up Yahoo Mail Account?

yahoo sign up

Yahoo is an email service that is widely used in our Network. Yahoo Mail service provided for both personal and business users. Everyone wants to know how to use, how to sign up, create an account in Yahoo.

Simple Steps to create a new account in Yahoo Mail

1 Open your Browser and type URL

2 Click on Mail button at the right corner of the page

3 You will be in the sigh in section. If you haven’t yahoo account click on create an account

4 To create new account fill up some information about you. Your First Name and Last Name. Put user name in email section if a username is unique then will be accepted.  Yahoo, give some suggestion for the username you can take these also.  The username must be unique that is for your email address. Once you finalize your email address make it note or remember it.

5 If the username name is not available, you will get a message that user name is not available.

6 Set up your password and get remember for future use

 7 Update your Mobile Number

8 Fill up your Birth date and Gender (Male /Female)

7 Click to continue

You have successfully Create your Email account, you have a Congratulation message from Yahoo.

How to Verify your Mobile Number in yahoo mail Account

 1. Select Your Country code

2 Fill up your 10 Digits mobile Number

3. Select to verify your mobile Number

4 Yahoo send a Verification code on your registered mobile number

5 Put this verification code in for verify

 6 If the number is Verify then you receive a congratulation message from Yahoo.

How do I join Yahoo Group?

Yahoo Group is the largest collection of online discussion boards. Group members send invitation and join groups. But, now we are talking about how you can join the Group.

First steps:-

Sign in the yahoo mail account

Click on Yahoo group

Start a New group

You can search a new group in the search bar

Click on start a New Group Button

Suggest a name that is used for your group Name

Add some information about your Group, describe it

Choose a web address for Group

Select your group in public, Private and restricted

Define categories of group

Click on next button

Second Steps:-

Use Yahoo Alias and mail address

Accept terms of service and click on create Button

Yahoo Group is Create and invite more contact to join our group.

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