Find Out Top 10 Free Email Service Provider.

top 10 free mail

Email is an Electronic Mail use for exchange message between people by an electronic device. Email operate by the computer network with the help of internet. The mobile user can access email on our device and configured more email id.

List of mail that is 100% free for use:-

Now days Email is more popular for student, local work and for business use. In email we can send an attachment a file.       

1 Gmail

2 yahoo

3 Outlook



6 ICloud Mail



9 Fast mail

10 Proton Mail

1 Gmail:

Gmail is best free mail service provider at this time. It’s free to use and very user-friendly. Its Google product and 10 GB Free Storage.

Gmail offer you customized your mail and add your signature. Gmail provide extra benefit to our users such as IM storage and Video calling. Gmail use Labels to help you and organize more flexibility. Create more label and filter your mail.

2 Yahoo

                Yahoo mail service launch in 1997. Yahoo mail provided for different email plan for personal use and businesses purpose. Yahoo is the third largest web-based email service in the world.

 Yahoo can Send or receive mail easily, manage contacts and maintain a calendar. Yahoo mail is 100% encrypted

3 Outlook

                Outlook is used for storing, sending and receiving emails. It’s a personal information management tool because it includes Outlook webmail, Contact, task and calendar services from Microsoft.

Outlook can be integrated with mobile phones devices


                AOL webmail is free to use and service be provided by AOL. AOL service has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted enabled by default. Online service of AOL is known as PlayNET.


                ZOHO mail is email service that offers a combination of ad-free, clean and powerful features that are a better way for business and professional use.

ZOHO is an ad-free and secure mail service. Easy to set up a custom email account for your domain with ZOHO. Use a custom domain email address.

6 ICloud Mail

                To use ICloud mail service requirement an Apple ID. ICloud is a free mail service that give to 5GB storage of emails. It’s easy to work with your ICloud mail on Apple mail, Mac and iOS devices

ICloud mail access on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS. ICloud mail have our unique identity like (,,

7 is web based email service provided by German Internet Company (United Internet). It is free webmail with unlimited storage.

You can choose 200 domains and create a unique mail address that you can send, received and easy to use emails


GMX mail is free email service provided by GMX. In GMX mail account include features Address Book, Organizer, mail collector, and File Storage.

Mobile Access, file sharing, and storage are the standers features of GMX mail.

9 Fast Mail

                Fast mail is an email service for individual and organizations. It’s provided different 36 languages worldwide. Fast mail is secure, ad-free email and easy to manage. Your inbox is junk free and antispam protection mail service

10 Proton Mail

                Proton mail is an encrypted mail service. Proton Mail is free to use for the public. You can help support and online privacy to select a paid account.

ProtonMail use a combination of Public key and symmetric encryption protocols for an end to end encryption.

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