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Connect Grindr Customer Service To Get Grindr Introduction

Grindr is a social networking application for mobile devices which is dedicated to gay and bisexual men, intended to help them on the Apple App Store and Google Play; meet other men in their nearby location. It works on both iOS and Android devices. Get Easily available anyone can download from officially site http://www.grindr.com/. This Grindr app comes in both free and paid subscription versions.

Details OF Grindr:

Founded:                                              March 25, 2009

Headquarters:                                      West Hollywood, CA

CEO:                                                       Joel Simkhai

Subsidiaries:                                        Kunlun Group Limited

Grindr App Customer Service for Users in the USA

Grindr has rapidly grown into the largest social networking app for gay, bi, Trans, and queer people. It is one of the world’s popular app for these people. With billions of daily users traversing almost every country in every corner of the planet, Grindr carries you zero feet away from connecting to a communal has that grown stronger every day.

But there are times while using Grindr, the user comes to cross such issues which are not fixed easily such situation need help from experts of Grindr Customer service where you can contact through toll-free phone number for Grindr Dating App Specialist.

Grindr Customer Service Help To Resolve Grindr Common Issue:

  • Incapable to sign in
  • Not capable to sign up
  • Grindr is showing in another language
  • I forgot my password after I  logged out of the app
  • How to recover my profile on Grindr after I deleted my profile
  • I’m currently logged in, need help in changing my email address
  • I forgot my password when I logged out of the Grindr app
  • Not able to change the password
  • Not able to change the email address
  • Difficulty to install Grindr application on Android and iOS
  • My profile was deferred
  • Not able to see my messages
  • Incapable to remove the photos
  • Having an issue with another user
  • Inept to update the Android application
  • Application is continuously deafening
  • Inappropriate location problem

Grindr app support team is available for 24X7, you can contact them through toll-free contact phone number. They have a huge number of users and like a growing company, they also have issues in answering each of its customers. So, like a developing number of companies with free web-based facilities, you have to explore the forums and support sites for assistance. But you can get instant customer support by calling us at our customer service USA Toll-Free.

Reach the Technical Support Team of Grindr

Through their help number, you can reach then at Grindr customer service number for Grindr customer support. We will Answer every question and help in resolving the problem with the app. We are a third-party support team for the Grindr app as Grindr does not have any customer support for their app users. Here we are helping you with any issues while meeting your partner in your location or area. Keep using the app and contact the Grindr team for any help at Grindr helpline phone number.

User Asked Common Issues About Grindr Grindr Dating App:

  • I can’t open the page
  • Server down
  • The app won’t be able to open, I deleted and re-installed the app, but it’s not working yet
  • Troubleshoot instructions
  • I have verified my account 4 diff ways and still can’t chat or send messages i don’t understand
  • This site is terrible for problems
  • My Grindr Dating App page has been down for repairs all day. It says to refresh but does nothing what to do
  • My account is blocked, please how do I unblock it?
  • Must says to refresh the page because something went wrong, but refreshing shows the same message over and over again


How to Contact Grindr Customer Service for Online Support

You can call us on our Grindr customer service number. Dial at official Grindr phone number goes to waiting or hold a long time. OSS have a team of expertise that resolve all your issues related to Grindr Dating APP. Directly contact them by calling or mail. Get other Extra information or help to visit on next page like Happn App Customer Service click on

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