Facebook password Strong

How Can I Make My Facebook Password Strong?

Make My Facebook Password Strong

Here are quick tips to create a strong password for your Accounts including Facebook

When you think of creating secure, long passwords can be very difficult, particularly after having multiple accounts. When you have more than one account then remembering the password for them all. We do write password them or using the same password for all of them. But for this era, it’s a terrible idea to have the same password for all accounts. Using the same password for all of your accounts is one of the foulest things that you can do!

This means that you trust your private information to one password only. If this password was hacked or someone looking over your shoulder, or any other method then all of your accounts can be opened all at once.

It is vigorous that you custom unique passwords for each and every account that you make. You always need to have a Password Separation and is very significant for keeping your private information secure.

No..no need to remember long difficult passwords, all you need to work really according to tricks and formulas to secure your Facebook Password or any account more safe and secure with these tricks.

It’s quite easy as it seems much more difficult. There are a number of tricks you can use to make it at ease for yourself.

These tricks comprise of Strong Facebook password:

  • Padding
  • Passphrases
  • Formulas
  • and Password Managers

Now some Simple ways to keep in mind while you create a new password, always remember to keep in mind:

A Facebook password should be simple for you to remember but tough for others to guess.

  • Your FB password should be unlike your other account passwords, like your email or bank account.
  • Longer passwords are usually more protected.
  • Never use your email, phone number or birthday as a password as it is really easy to crack these passwords.
  • If you get a message letting you see the password you entered “isn’t strong enough”  Always use mixing together uppercase and lowercase letters and try using
  1. Padding- When you use symbols multiple times.
  2. Passphrases- It means your password changes from a single word, to a phrase or sentence.
  3. Formulas- The concept is to use a formula, or rule to assist you in making and memorizing secure passwords.
  4. Password Managers- Password managers are platforms which are intended to evoke your password for you. You are only supposed to remember one password for the software.

You can also make the password more multifarious by making it longer with a phrase or series of words that you can easily remember, but no one else knows. Still having issues contact us for more help regarding any of the above.

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yahoo sign up

How To Create Or Sign Up Yahoo Mail Account?

Yahoo is an email service that is widely used in our Network. Yahoo Mail service provided for both personal and business users. Everyone wants to know how to use, how to sign up, create an account in Yahoo.

Simple Steps to create a new account in Yahoo Mail

1 Open your Browser and type URL http://www.yahoo.com/

2 Click on Mail button at the right corner of the page

3 You will be in the sigh in section. If you haven’t yahoo account click on create an account

4 To create new account fill up some information about you. Your First Name and Last Name. Put user name in email section if a username is unique then will be accepted.  Yahoo, give some suggestion for the username you can take these also.  The username must be unique that is for your email address. Once you finalize your email address make it note or remember it.

5 If the username name is not available, you will get a message that user name is not available.

6 Set up your password and get remember for future use

 7 Update your Mobile Number

8 Fill up your Birth date and Gender (Male /Female)

7 Click to continue

You have successfully Create your Email account, you have a Congratulation message from Yahoo.

How to Verify your Mobile Number in yahoo mail Account

 1. Select Your Country code

2 Fill up your 10 Digits mobile Number

3. Select to verify your mobile Number

4 Yahoo send a Verification code on your registered mobile number

5 Put this verification code in for verify

 6 If the number is Verify then you receive a congratulation message from Yahoo.

How do I join Yahoo Group?

Yahoo Group is the largest collection of online discussion boards. Group members send invitation and join groups. But, now we are talking about how you can join the Group.

First steps:-

Sign in the yahoo mail account

Click on Yahoo group

Start a New group

You can search a new group in the search bar

Click on start a New Group Button

Suggest a name that is used for your group Name

Add some information about your Group, describe it

Choose a web address for Group

Select your group in public, Private and restricted

Define categories of group

Click on next button

Second Steps:-

Use Yahoo Alias and mail address

Accept terms of service and click on create Button

Yahoo Group is Create and invite more contact to join our group.

add mail on yahoo account

How to add an Email address for Recover Yahoo account?

If you attempt to log in your account met with the Invalid ID or invalid Password error message. This means you’re Id and password combination doesn’t match in yahoo account record.

Focus on caps lock and number lock to enter user id and password. Case sensitive password entered correctly

Keep a valid Email id and Phone Number on your account. In case lost your username and password, use your secondary email address that is used for account recovery. In Yahoo account can we add 10 email address for recovery.

Edit Recovery info on Web to add an email address

1 Open Web Browser

2 Login your Yahoo Account and click on Account info

3 Go to Yahoo Account security page

4 Click on Add Recovery email address after that comes a pop up of Add Recovery email address

5 Enter Email address and click on send verification email button

This email differs from your account mail id

6 Your Email address is updated on the Recovery mail address

7 An alternate email address added in your account mail come from yahoo account for update a new Mail address.

If you are unable to sign in your yahoo account, use your alternate or secondary email address for access your account.

top 10 free mail

Find Out Top 10 Free Email Service Provider.

Email is an Electronic Mail use for exchange message between people by an electronic device. Email operate by the computer network with the help of internet. The mobile user can access email on our device and configured more email id.

List of mail that is 100% free for use:-

Now days Email is more popular for student, local work and for business use. In email we can send an attachment a file.       

1 Gmail

2 yahoo

3 Outlook



6 ICloud Mail

7 Mail.com


9 Fast mail

10 Proton Mail

1 Gmail:

Gmail is best free mail service provider at this time. It’s free to use and very user-friendly. Its Google product and 10 GB Free Storage.

Gmail offer you customized your mail and add your signature. Gmail provide extra benefit to our users such as IM storage and Video calling. Gmail use Labels to help you and organize more flexibility. Create more label and filter your mail.

2 Yahoo

                Yahoo mail service launch in 1997. Yahoo mail provided for different email plan for personal use and businesses purpose. Yahoo is the third largest web-based email service in the world.

 Yahoo can Send or receive mail easily, manage contacts and maintain a calendar. Yahoo mail is 100% encrypted

3 Outlook

                Outlook is used for storing, sending and receiving emails. It’s a personal information management tool because it includes Outlook webmail, Contact, task and calendar services from Microsoft.

Outlook can be integrated with mobile phones devices


                AOL webmail is free to use and service be provided by AOL. AOL service has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted enabled by default. Online service of AOL is known as PlayNET.


                ZOHO mail is email service that offers a combination of ad-free, clean and powerful features that are a better way for business and professional use.

ZOHO is an ad-free and secure mail service. Easy to set up a custom email account for your domain with ZOHO. Use a custom domain email address.

6 ICloud Mail

                To use ICloud mail service requirement an Apple ID. ICloud is a free mail service that give to 5GB storage of emails. It’s easy to work with your ICloud mail on Apple mail, Mac and iOS devices

ICloud mail access on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with iOS. ICloud mail have our unique identity like (@icloud.com, @me.com, @mac.com)

7 Mail.com

Mail.com is web based email service provided by German Internet Company (United Internet). It is free webmail with unlimited storage.

You can choose 200 domains and create a unique mail address that you can send, received and easy to use emails


GMX mail is free email service provided by GMX. In GMX mail account include features Address Book, Organizer, mail collector, and File Storage.

Mobile Access, file sharing, and storage are the standers features of GMX mail.

9 Fast Mail

                Fast mail is an email service for individual and organizations. It’s provided different 36 languages worldwide. Fast mail is secure, ad-free email and easy to manage. Your inbox is junk free and antispam protection mail service

10 Proton Mail

                Proton mail is an encrypted mail service. Proton Mail is free to use for the public. You can help support and online privacy to select a paid account.

ProtonMail use a combination of Public key and symmetric encryption protocols for an end to end encryption.