5 Important Gmail features you don’t know existed

Gmail feature

Gmail is widely used in the World.  It’s free to use for personal or business purpose and manage easily. Time to time regular update on our product by google.

Advance features in Gmail with new look, clickable Attachment, Mobile Change and customize your signature

Here we Discussed 5 Important features of Gmail

1 Unsend Message

You can unsend sent message in Gmail go to these process

1 Open Gmail account and log in

2 Go to setting and check enable undo send option

3 select send cancellation period 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds.

4 you don’t need an add on

Within 30 seconds we can undo or unsend mail from your side. Sending message can be undo.

2 Keyboard Shortcuts

 You can see all the Gmail shortcut list 

 1 Open Gmail account click on setting button

 2 Scroll down to Keyboard shortcut “on”

3 Shortcut on for Android, iOS and Desktop Computer.

 Shortcut Key use and save time and speed on Keyboard

3 Add Other Accounts

 You can add another Mail account in your Gmail account

 If you use Gmail account and other mail like yahoo and outlook. You can manage all of message from one place

In another app, click on menu button and add an account, pick the type of account those you want to add

4 Smart Replies

You have received a mail from anyone. You can reply to the message by selecting one of three

Smart reply option Gmail offers. It machine learning technology to formulate, they were applicable to message and you’re responding to like you would write.

5 Block Annoying People

You can block users that you don’t want to see and hear by opening an email.

Hitting Down arrow next to near the reply button in the right hand corner of message

Select block

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